Welcome To Our Pack!

Meet Our Trainers

Meghan Petrasek, ABCDT

Lead Trainer

Animal Behavior College Certified Dog Trainer since 2017.

Christopher Stone

Assistant Trainer

Assistant trainer and sport dog enthusiast.

Meet Our Dogs

Dogs learn best from watching others! Take a look at the dogs we've owned past and present, you may see some of these faces at classes or sessions helping to work with your dog! A balanced pack consists of dogs of all types: young, old, male, female, big, small, outgoing or reserved. Learn more about your dog by seeing how they respond to others.


1yo American Shepherd, a frisky young girl who loves Barn Hunt, Disc, wrestling and chase. The smallest in size but biggest in personality!

Renly James, CGC

5 year old male Great Dane. Earned his Canine Good Citizen title in 2021. A member of the pack since 2018. Renly enjoys therapy dog visits and is a friend to many.


7 year old male German Shepherd. Adopted and a member of the pack since November 2019. Marshall enjoys disc and swimming.

Asher, CGC

Approx. 4 year old male German Shepherd Dog. Adopted and a member of the pack since August 2020. Asher enjoys agility, disc, dock diving, lure coursing, and public obedience.


1yo Belgian Malinois who enjoys obedience in German.

Patriot's Ben Makin' Summer Plans, AKC

Ben is an 8mo Great Dane puppy who is already over 100lbs, who enjoys therapy visits, Disc, and public obedince.

Silva's Sascha, AKC

5yo Long haired German Shepherd who loves disc and playing with puppies.


Adopted bulldog mix senior who enjoys sunshine and fireplaces.


Aprrox. 10 year old female beagle. Adopted and a member of the pack since 2014. An elder member that teaches puppies to be gentle, and to enjoy a good scent trail.


2 year old female Belgian Malinois.  A member of the pack since November 2021 who enjoys weight pull.


Approx. 4 year old male Border Collie / Aussie Cross.  A member of the pack since January 2021 who enjoys agility and loves treats.

Harley, NVBK, CGC

8yo female Belgian Malinois that enjoys disc, agility, public obedience, and dock diving. 

Melanie, CGC

6yo female Lab/Shepherd X who enjoys agility, hiking, and food!


2yo Potcake from Anguilla who loves Disc and playing tag with puppies